Mostas - complete storage management
Mostas - complete storage management app


Keep your inventory under control, a complete storage management app

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Why MOSTAS, you ask?

Because its full name is - [Mo]bile [St]orage [As]sistant

Stock management app MOSTAS

What can MOSTAS app do?

Easy stock management, overview and transfer between warehouses.

Integrated bar code scanner.

Complete overview of inventory items with serial numbers, details and photos.

Printing to local or Google printer.

Document overview - view past documents.

Stock overview - check warehouse stock or single item stock across warehouses.

Item route - check where item was moved between warehouses.

What can MOSTAS do? Stock management app

Main MOSTAS Features?

Easy to use - anyone using smartphone will be able to use the app with almost no additional knowledge needed.

Use on phone or tablet, user interface will adjust for best user experience.

Print to local or Google Print connected printer.

Specially crafted for android