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Piece of mind for your service based business

Klaritas Field Service Management App Suite will power your services and ensure that quality, precision and productivity are in top shape.

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Do I really need these apps?

How can this bundle of apps help your business

If there was a possibility of buying more time, how much would you pay for it?

No, we’re not selling the time, but we’re offering you the next best thing - Apps that will help you run business with ease and save a ton of time.

MOTECAS App will allow your Field Service Workforce to easily keep track of work in progress, upcoming and completed work. With easy to use and Wizard Like interface, it will also require minimum time to enter all Service Request details.

MOSTAS app will help you keep track of your inventory, regardless of location. It will allow both your storage managers and your fields service workers track inventory easily and have history for each item.

MOSUPAS app will enable your supervisors to do Quality Control of the work done and rate Service Quality. It is essential process keeping long term Quality Standards.

MOCLAS app will enable your Clients to have clear overview of all requests submitted. For completed requests they will be able to view all the details of performed service, have access to the images before and after work request completion.

Do you want to boost productivity, meet client expectations and have clear overview of all your business aspects?